Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Statistics, geometry and measurements

Statistics, geometry and measurements

In class we are learning to solve statistics, geometry and measurements problems.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Technology: Oreo Milkshakes


                  Tamaki college technology - Oreo Milkshakes

Screenshot 2017-09-04 at 10.15.40 AM.png

Today my classmates and I went to Tamaki College for technology. For technology we did food, for food we made Oreo Milkshakes. To make the delicious oreo milkshakes was a pretty easy process. After making the milkshakes we tested them, They were delicious but we just needed to calm down on the hershey's chocolate syrup.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Spelling list

Today we had a variety of words to work with. We had to find meanings for some and others we had to use in sentences.

WALT: Know the meanings of new words and put them into sentences.

1: Words:
  1. Alternative
  2. Advertisement
  3. Fearful
  4. Gurgle
  5. Sprouts
  6. Grizzle
  7. Oozed
  8. Cushy
  9. Muttered
  10. Gadgets

2: Use 5 words in sentences
  1. There were many alternative ways that sally could solve her problem.
  2. Mum turned 40 and he is starting to have grizzled hair.
  3. As I bit into my pb&j sandwich the strawberry jam oozed out of the bread.
  4. Dad got angry about us not cleaning so he took our gadgets away.
  5. “ I hate you” Taylor angrily muttered under his breath.

3: Write down the meanings for 5 other words
  1. Fearful - when you're feeling or showing fear
  2. Advertisement - A notice or poster placed in public to advertise a product or machine for people to buy.
  3. Gurgle - A hollow bubbling sound. ( the sound your stomach makes when you're hungry )
  4. Sprouts - ( of a plant ) shoots
  5. Cushy - Not demanding, easy or secure

4: List down words with 2 syllables.
  1. Fearful: Fear-ful
  2. Grizzle: Griz-zle
  3. Cushy: Cush-y
  4. Muttered: Mut-tered
  5. Gadgets: Gad-gets

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fighting my sister poem

WALT: Write creatively on the topic from a personal experience

Success Criteria:
  • Write on topic independently
  • Follow the rules for grammar
  • Reread and edit my work

What I think:
  • I think it's okay to make mistakes, in the end looking back at the memory we will just laugh.

Fighting with my sister

I once ran into my sister's arm
She started yelling at me like an alarm.
I stared at her with an ugly face
Her breath smelt, so I needed some space

That's when the abusing begun
I wasn't going down without a fight
But I knew that I had to run

She punched me in the face
I did the same too
I was about to run
But in the wall I flew

I opened my eyes
And saw one of my nieces fighting her
The other was in the corner yelling bite her, bite her

I’ve learnt my lesson
Never mess with my sister
Or we’ll make each other so ugly

And never get a Mr

Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7
Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Bonus Activity
I have learnt alot from this amazing experience! There were many things I didn't even know about New Zealand. I just think this was really amazing, I had a blast I really think this was the best part of my holiday, I was so happy that I was able to have my holiday but still keep learning I really loved it. This learning journey made learning so much fun, it was so fun I was really hoping it would go on for the last week too. My favourite bit was learning about different things that are here in NZ, and my least favorite thing was doing lots of typing, but overall I really loved it! I'm super excited for the next time we get to do this... I really hope it's soon because I can't wait! Right now i'm pretty much speechless so I found a video of a man who traveled the world and what he's doing is the feelings I had while going on this journey.

Winter learning Journey - Day 7/ Activity 1/ Activity 2

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7
Keep New Zealand beautiful!

Activity 1
1. I can start by picking up rubbish in my community or helping them in any way I can.
2. I can then start a company that gets people to throw away there rubbish like if they put there rubbish into this box then you can get a prize or you raise $20 for 3 kids in africa.
3. I can put my company's product on tv which people can see and they can buy it.

Activity 2
I really feel most relaxed when I'm in my room cozy in my blanket, listening to some nice soothing music and reading a book, if anything else I think it paradice when everything is nice calm and I can do my own thing.