Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7
Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Bonus Activity
I have learnt alot from this amazing experience! There were many things I didn't even know about New Zealand. I just think this was really amazing, I had a blast I really think this was the best part of my holiday, I was so happy that I was able to have my holiday but still keep learning I really loved it. This learning journey made learning so much fun, it was so fun I was really hoping it would go on for the last week too. My favourite bit was learning about different things that are here in NZ, and my least favorite thing was doing lots of typing, but overall I really loved it! I'm super excited for the next time we get to do this... I really hope it's soon because I can't wait! Right now i'm pretty much speechless so I found a video of a man who traveled the world and what he's doing is the feelings I had while going on this journey.

Winter learning Journey - Day 7/ Activity 1/ Activity 2

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7
Keep New Zealand beautiful!

Activity 1
1. I can start by picking up rubbish in my community or helping them in any way I can.
2. I can then start a company that gets people to throw away there rubbish like if they put there rubbish into this box then you can get a prize or you raise $20 for 3 kids in africa.
3. I can put my company's product on tv which people can see and they can buy it.

Activity 2
I really feel most relaxed when I'm in my room cozy in my blanket, listening to some nice soothing music and reading a book, if anything else I think it paradice when everything is nice calm and I can do my own thing.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6
Native Aotearoa

Activity 1
As My stomach turned inside out
I started to doubt.
I didn't want to leave the boat ( waka )
I should say I have a sore throat!
Stepping on new land I fear for what's ahead
but it's too late to go back because we have already spread!

Activity 2
At Matariki you can watch fireworks, The kapa haka group perform and look at the 7 stars!
First you and your family can enjoy a lovely performance by the kapa haka group, they sing and dance and its all for free!
The second thing you can do is look at the 7 stars, using a telescope to help you see the stars in the sky.
And at the end of the day you can enjoy the bright colours in the sky as they set off a bunch of fire works!

Bonus Activity
From my opinion I really think that...

The First haka video came - #2
Because : I liked their formation but I couldn't quite hear them, as much as I could hear the second video.

The Second haka video came -#1
Because: I really liked their formation and the way that their movements were in sync, I also really loved the way that their voices over flooded the crowds cheering, I was just stunned.

The Last haka video came - #3
Because : It didn't look like they knew where to stand, they weren't as loud as the second video and it was also really short.

They were all so amazing but the second haka video caught my eye the best!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5
One step at a time

Activity 1
Turning around my stomach turns inside out as I notice that I was separated from my group. As im shaking and biting my nails I gain the confidence to finally start moving to find my group. I slowly walk down the dusty narrow path I came from hoping I would see someone, anyone. walking for what seemed like forever towards nothing I hear a loud noise in the distance, I jump in fear and stat sprint down the path. Hearing the noise again I slow down and giggle, As I giggle I think to my self "you dumb it was just the sound of a bird leaving a tree/nest" then it goes off again but I was mistaken I start to nervously giggle before breaking down. sitting on the ground my heart drops when I hear footsteps coming closer and closer, then I realize it was one of my group mates. She picked me up and took me back to the rest of the group where they were waiting for me at the end of the trail.

Activity 2
Born and raised in New Zealand Rotorua, the famous actor Cliff Curtis has been featured in many rolls in The walking dead, live free or die hard, training day, blow and the NZ-made movies Boy and Whale rider. Before being a well know actor Cliff Curtis was featured in an oscar nominated film called The piano. In 2001 he nearly missed his flight from Auckland to LA to film the movie blow.

Bonus Activity
I would love to cycle the otago trail one day. It sounds really fun and cool, I really think that the views would be really beautiful and going out enjoying the sun, fresh air and getting a good exercise just all sounds too good to be true! It would be fun to just get outdoors and admire New Zealand for its true beauty.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4
Swimming with the Sharks!

Activity 1
What did the people of Farewell spit do to help the wales? The beach that became a graveyard full of wales, the people tried hard to help the wales by covering them with wet t-shirts, towels or anything they were able to keep them wet with. People would get pots, pans, or anything that could hold water in it and they would use it for the wales by collecting water and pouring it on the wales or using it to wet the clothes/towels.They all made sure to keep them all wet, they made sure that their blow hole was clear and they also made certain that they kept clear of their tails.

Activity 2
1. To my understanding whale rider is a movie based upon a little girl that had a big story to tell. She was born a twin but lived as an only child, her twin brother had an unexpected death at birth and her mother died giving birth. It shocked their entire family because her brother was meant to be the new born chief of their tribe, but since he had did and she lived their koroua ( grandfather ) does not want her. since there was no new born chief of the tribe they have to start again a put a bunch of challenges for the young boys of the tribes to take on and who ever comes out on top is the new chief leader that will lead their tribe out of darkness. 

2. From watching 2 of the Whale Rider trailers I would mark them a 5 because they were both really interesting! I really liked the way that the first 5 seconds of the trailer I was instantly hooked. I was so hooked I just wanted to watch more, I'm so curious, I wonder whats going to happen?

Bonus Activity
I strongly believe that we should banned fishing in Farewell split! because it can save lots dolphins/fish.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3/ Activity 1/ Activity 2

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3Wild eyes

Activity 1I adopted a Kea, He is a native bird to New Zealand or also know as a mountain parrot. I named him Whiti, he loves to eat carrion, leaves, berries, nectar and insects. Whiti's species ( kea ) is a large species of parrot of the family Strigidae found in forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand. The Kea bird is a very colourful buir much like a parrot but not exactly the same. 

Activity 2I strongly believe that we should get rid of all the predators from New Zealand. I believe this because...1. Some of the predators kill our native birds, predators like possums and rats2. Rats eat people cords, go into their house and eat their things.3. All predators of New Zealand should disappear because most of them endanger our native birds.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2
New Zealand by land and sea

Activity 1
With all 3 amazing places that we visited none of them caught my eye like the walk up Rangitoto. When we were there the view from the top was so captivating. the sounds of the birds and insects as we walked up the volcano was so soothing. The sound of Nature was just so amazing.

Activity 2
1. Which place did you like the most on your trip around the world?
2. Which island would you love to visit again?
3. If you could go around the world again and you were able to take someone who would it be and why?
4. Which do you prefer sea or land and why?
5. the first day of going out to sea were you scared then why if not then why?

Bonus Activity
For this Activity I asked Moana and she said her favorite things to do outside are to...

1. Sit on the grass and admire the view
2. Listen to the sounds of nature
3. Go to the beach and sit in the water
4. Hang out with family or friends.
5. Sit in the sun