Friday, 17 November 2017

Basic Facts: Prototec

In class, for maths today we did an activity called prototec. Prototec is a maths game that challenges you on how fast you can answer the questions that they provide for you. There are 8 stages and today I did stage 7. I think I did pretty good, the only downfall was that I’m not to good with converting fractions into decimals or percentages.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


In class we were told to make a comic on something that we learnt in math. For me I did fractions, not only because it was easy but because I knew that if I couldn't explain my learning then I have truly learnt nothing.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Being cybersmart is really important. Being cybersmart is when you know what to put on the internet and know what not to put on the internet. For instance never give out personal information about yourself or others but, what you can do is tell people the name of your dog. My Storyboard is about being cyber smart, and knowing that things you tell people you just met online can come with serious consequences.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Burning newspaper experiment

Burning Newspaper
Ask a question
What will happen when we burn a newspaper?
Construct a hypothesis( make a guess)
I think that the newspaper that we burn will turn to ash.
Conduct the experiment
We burnt the newspaper and it turned into ash.
Record your observations and data colour change
When the experiment was happening I noticed that my hypothesis was correct when I said it would turn into ash but there was a little more to it. Its temperature also changed from room temperature to hot and the colour also changed as well, from different colours to dark and light grey. I also noticed that when it was burning it let off smoke and the smoke also had an odd smell attached to it.
Analyse information
  • There was colour change ( light grey and dark grey )
  • The temperature changed ( went hot )
  • Its irreversible ( the paper could not go back to its original form after it was burnt )
  • It let off smoke with an odd smell. ( the smoke was caused by gas in the experiment, when it burnt the smoke carried a smell with it when it evaporated into the air. ).... ( can't describe the smell )
Report results:
My hypothesis was partly correct. (  I said “The paper will turn to ash“  ) and it did

Monday, 30 October 2017

Hot cakes and ice cream

Technology: Cooking

Hot cakes and ice cream

In technology class we learnt how to make hot cakes. we also learnt that hot cakes and pancakes are different, They are different because hot cakes uses baking powder and it makes it puffy but pan cakes dont and thats why they are flat. When we cooked our hot cakes we added ice cream so that the hot cakes were not plain.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Technolgy - Cooking

Technology - Cooking

Bacon and egg Quiche

Today for Technology we made a bacon and egg quiche. For this quiche we learnt how to make our own pastry. We learnt how to to finely slice up onions and bacon, we learnt the if we keep kneading the dough after it has formed then when you roll it out the pastry will bounce back. we learnt how to estimate the amount of pastry we needed including covering the sides.